USB Motor Controller

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Closed and open loop control for positioning two DC servo motors
Rated voltage range from 3V to 12V
Maximum output power per motor is 2.5W
Use more than one USB Motor Controller on one PC
Windows™ based control software included

The Ealing USB Motor Controller is an electronic device used to control and drive up to two small DC servo motors, typically used in ultra-precision positioning systems with resolutions of less than one micron.
The USB Motor Controller is easy to operate, can be connected directly to the USB port of a PC, and no additional power supply is needed.
In addition to Ealing's stand-alone control software, LabVIEW™ drivers also available for easy integration into existing systems
Using a USB hub is recommended, especially when more than one USB motor controller is being used.
The USB Motor Controller is also available as an OEM product.

Package Includes:
• 1 USB Motor Controller
• USB 2.0 PC to USB Motor Controller cable
• Controller Center Software
• User Manual

 *Software and user manual provided on a USB drive.

Dimensions: 84 mm x 69.1 mm x 28 mm

To watch our Motion Control Software in action, please see our video.

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