Manual Single Axis Stage, 25 mm Travel, Micrometer Actuator (Non-Locking), Side Driven, Metric Top Plate,

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This stage is uses a high quality, German-engineered, micrometer.
Stage dimensions are comparable to our part 74-3190-000*.

Range of Travel: 25 mm
Minimum Incremental Motion -
Micrometer Actuator (non-locking): 1 μm
Tracking Accuracy: 4 μm
Reading Accuracy: 1 division = 10 μm
Weight (with micrometer): 0.9 kg (2 lb)


*Please note, the micrometer mount on 02-804-002 has a fitting diameter of 12.0mm which does not accept standard Ealing motorized actuators.

Weight 0.800000
Unit of Measure Metric
Range of Travel 25 mm
Material Aluminum
Lieferzeit 2-3 Days