Manual Single Axis Stage, 25 mm Travel, Micrometer Actuator, End Driven, Metric (Top Plate Not Included)

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Range of Travel: 25 mm (1 inch)
Minimum Incremental Motion -
       Thumbscrew Actuator: 1 μm
        Micrometer Actuator: 1 μm
        MotorDriver Actuator: 0.1 μm
        EncoderDriver Actuator: 0.05 μm
Tracking Accuracy: 4 μm
Reading Accuracy: 1 division = 10 μm (on micrometer version)
Load Capacity -
        Horizontal: 12 kg
        Vertical: 0.5 kg (4 kg with drive below the stage)
Weight (with micrometer): 0.9 kg (2 lb)
Construction: One piece aluminum body, steel precision ground slides and stage with aluminum top plates.

Weight 0.700000
Unit of Measure Metric
Range of Travel 25 mm
Material Aluminum
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