Laser Beam Switch

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With a unique selling proposition on the market, our self-developed high-precision beam switch can be used for high end functions like guiding laser beams into single-mode fibers.

Product Highlights
•Fast and accurate switching of laser beams
•Suitable for beam switching into singlemode and multi-mode fibers
•Precise, programmable switching positions
•Self calibrating
•USB interface

Package Includes:
Beam Switch
Driving electronic
Lightweight mirror arm
Control software and documentation

Switching speed: 5-50ms (depending on switching angle)
Switching rate: Up to 20Hz
Switching angle: Up to 120°
Mirror size: 5mm dia.
Max. beam size: ~2.5mm (1/e²)
Mirror coating: 375-750nm (VIS)
Control input: 3 VDC-12VDC
Status output: TTL (5VDC)
Status LEDs: Power o.k., Status and Error
USB input: Mini-USB connector
Supply voltage: 12VDC / <0.5 Amp

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